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06/01/2012 / loyaltymarketingnews

IKEA Hosts Sleepover For 100 Lucky Facebook Fans

IKEA hosted a sleepover at its Essex store in the U.K., giving a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for customers and fans to spend the night inside its signature furniture warehouse. The whole idea for this PR event was inspired by a Facebook group called  ”I wanna have a sleepover in IKEA.” Nearly 100,000 people have joined the group and Ikea granted 100 lucky winners their wish. The late-November event had a minimum age of 25 and a strict pajamas-only dress code. Guests were given goodie bags containing eye mask, midnight snacks, towel and slippers, and more. The sleepover also featured entertainment ranging from massages and manicures to movies and even a bedtime story reading by a reality-TV celebrity. A sleep expert was on hand with tips for getting a good night’s rest, including how to test a mattress and choose the right bedding for different styles.

This was not the first time IKEA utilized social media as inspiration for events. The furniture retailer has sponsored a similar event in Australia in March, when it recruited “50 female flat-pack fans” on its Australian Facebook page for a night of chick flicks, pampering massages and waiter service from handsome men — along with the chance to assemble small pieces of furniture. Lois Blenkinsop, IKEA’s U.K. PR and internal communications manager, said in a statement:

Social media has opened up a unique platform for us to interact directly with our customers. Listening to what they want is what we do best, and the Big Sleepover is just one example of how we’re using such instant and open feedback to better inform our marketing activity.

Check out footage from IKEA’s Big Sleepover below!


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06/01/2012 / loyaltymarketingnews

Easy Printing With Dyes That Develop In Sunlight

Lumi, an L.A. design team, have introduced a new product that allows you to print patterns or images onto different materials. The light-sensitive Inkodye uses sunlight to develop the design. The dye, available in blue, red and orange, can be mixed together to create different colors or mixed with water for lighter shades.

Print With Dyes That Develop In Sunlight

Inkodye can be used for photograms, shadow prints, painting, dyeing, silk-screening, batik and more, and was the method that was used to create the design for Mend’s canvas totes. It works on different materials including cotton, wood, suede and silk. After applying the dye to a design, expose it to direct sunlight for around 5-8 minutes and the colors will become fully developed. Watch the introduction video below to see the product in action:


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06/01/2012 / loyaltymarketingnews

Jumbo Cardboard Box Kiosk Promotes New Search App

Shipping containers converted into pop-up stores and temporary installations are a common sight these days in cities around the world. This interesting example spotted on We Heart pushed the design possibilities in a different direction. Urbantainer, a South Korean based architecture and design firm combined a stock metal container with sheets of raw corrugated cardboard resulting in a unique branded kiosk called the Naver App Square. Meant to look like a giant opened up cardboard parcel, the exterior is wrapped with packaging and shipping graphics including a QR code label visitors can scan.

Jumbo Cardboard Box Kiosk Promotes New Search App

The interior is fitted out with furniture and accessories all made of cardboard. Distinct areas for several popular Naver search categories like music and wine are realized in real life. The goal of the kiosk was to build awareness for the service and offer visitors a unique venue in which to experience the brand.


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06/01/2012 / loyaltymarketingnews

Citibank Allows Facebook Fans To Share Their Rewards Points

Citibank has begun using Facebook to allow its fans to pool their rewards points with others. The innovative application of the social network platform is available to its rewards program users when they visit the ‘Thankyou Point Sharing’ tab of Citibank’s Facebook page.

Citibank Allows Facebook Fans To Share Their Rewards Points

Once customers have downloaded the app and connected their account, they can start a rewards pool with others, describing what it’s for and naming one person who will have control over the points. Users can promote their rewards pool by sharing links on their Facebook pages or privately inviting other Citibank customers to contribute. Rewards points could be shared to reach a personal goal, purchase a group gift or raise funds for charity. Citibank is also giving away 2,500 free rewards points to the first 4,000 customers who sign up.


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06/01/2012 / loyaltymarketingnews

Ad Platform Offers Mobile Gamers Real Life Rewards For Their Achievements

Mobile gaming rewards platform Kiip, founded by Brian Wong, offers “real rewards for virtual achievements” and links advertising to the emotional dynamics of game playing. When mobile gamers complete a certain achievement, such as gaining a level, completing a challenge, or accumulating a set number of points, they are offered free prizes for their efforts. Kiip has partnered with a number of brands including Best Buy, Dr Pepper, Sephora, Sears and Vitamin Water to reward gamers with vouchers, samples, complimentary products and more.

Advertising Platform Offers Mobile Gamers Rewards For Their Achievements

Over 70 games are currently using Kiip to give their players real-world rewards when they hit certain achievements. Kiip-enabled games give users a notification when they are close to achieving a reward. Once they’ve reached their goal, they can enter their email address to receive a redemption code for their prize, and then continue with their game. Rather than interrupting a gamer with banner ads, a brand can heighten a consumer’s experience with a gift for doing what they enjoy. Watch the video below for an introduction by Kiip:


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06/01/2012 / loyaltymarketingnews

Airline’s Facebook app lets passengers choose seats near their friends

Malaysia Airlines recently launched its Facebook-based MHbuddy service to make booking and arranging a flight fully social.


We’ve seen numerous services designed to help travelers hook up while on the go — KLM and Air France’s Bluenity social network is one example — but it wasn’t until just recently that we came across an effort by an airline to help them choose the people they sit next to during their flight as well. Sure enough, Malaysia Airlines recently launched its Facebook-based MHbuddy service to make booking and arranging a flight fully social.

Developed by SITA Lab, Malaysia Airlines’ MHbuddy is a Facebook application that allows passengers to book and check in for a flight while sharing their trip details with friends. When booking a flight, users of the app are reminded of friends who live near their destination; they’re also prompted if any of their Facebook friends are planning to travel to the same destination. Then, if they want, they can share their itinerary with friends. Not only that, but during the seat selection process, passengers can see where their friends are sitting and choose their own seats nearby.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is reportedly planning a similar service for launch later this year using both Facebook and LinkedIn, according to a report on CNN. Travel-related brands large and small: how could you add a social twist to your own offerings?

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06/01/2012 / loyaltymarketingnews

Canvas4Life introduces New Club Program

Canvas4Life, the global leader in personalized canvas printing, has recently introduced its club program, Club Canvas4Life. Membership on the company’s website is by invitation only. Membership rewards those customers with a free upgrade to priority shipping along with gift cards and other club specific benefits.

Customers who apply for club membership receive a complimentary welcome package consisting of Canvas4Life gift cards, picture frame and other club member royalties. The club package also encourages members to hand out referral gift cards to friends and family to redeem points for gift cards from Apple, Macy’s, Starbucks and Canvas4Life. Each welcome package comes tailored specifically for each member including a pack of gift cards linked to the customer’s account. Those accepted into the club program are true Canvas4Life fanatics and are strongly encouraged to provide specific examples of how they go above and beyond to help spread the word about Canvas4Life.

Canvas4Life’s referral program is an intricate part of the club program that enables customers to acquire points more quickly. Each person who refers a customer earns 3 points toward his or her account. Simply, club Canvas4Life is an appreciation program for customers who are regular buyers on the site.


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