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11/01/2012 / loyaltymarketingnews

iPhone app uses QR codes to track employee hours

If QR codes can help track the mail, it stands to reason that they could be used to keep tabs on employee attendance as well. Sure enough, TimeStation is a system that combines code-embossed ID cards with an iPhone app in order to track employees’ hours on the job.


Employers begin by signing up for the free TimeStation service, which enables them to print out ID cards for each of their employees, complete with unique QR codes. Then, once the TimeStation app has been downloaded on to an iOS device within the office, employees can punch in and out of work instantaneously by scanning their cards on that device, or by entering their four-digit PIN into it. The TimeStation app from New Jersey-based App Impulse is free for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users with iOS 4.0, or later. Once set up, managers can easily track who’s at work and run time and attendance reports, and because TimeStation runs in the cloud, there are no servers to maintain or software to update. The video below demonstrates TimeStation in action:

Just a few weeks ago we also featured technology to help managers track employee morale. App-minded entrepreneurs: what other parts of the manager’s job could you help simplify?

(via Springwise)


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