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11/01/2012 / loyaltymarketingnews

Former Soviet aircraft carrier transformed into luxury hotel


We’ve seen concrete pipes and shipping containers reused to create unique hotel accommodation in the past, but now a former Soviet aircraft carrier, the Kiev, has been converted into a luxury hotel by its new Chinese owners.

Kiev was built in 1972 and subsequently purchased by China in 1996, where it is now part of the Binhai Aircraft military themed park in Tianjin. As reported in the China Daily, the ship has now been transformed into 137 standard hotel rooms, three VIP guest rooms, two presidential suites and a luxury restaurant. Although it is yet to receive any guests, and many of the aircraft carrier’s rooms are reportedly unfinished, the hotel did welcome diners on board for a dinner last month in the on-board restaurant. The ship will remain permanently docked in the harbour while being used as a hotel.


Hotels created from re-purposed materials and structures offer an instant unique attraction, while simultaneously keeping those materials off the scrap heap. Inspiration here for an effort of your own?


(via Springwise)


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