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06/01/2012 / loyaltymarketingnews

Ad Platform Offers Mobile Gamers Real Life Rewards For Their Achievements

Mobile gaming rewards platform Kiip, founded by Brian Wong, offers “real rewards for virtual achievements” and links advertising to the emotional dynamics of game playing. When mobile gamers complete a certain achievement, such as gaining a level, completing a challenge, or accumulating a set number of points, they are offered free prizes for their efforts. Kiip has partnered with a number of brands including Best Buy, Dr Pepper, Sephora, Sears and Vitamin Water to reward gamers with vouchers, samples, complimentary products and more.

Advertising Platform Offers Mobile Gamers Rewards For Their Achievements

Over 70 games are currently using Kiip to give their players real-world rewards when they hit certain achievements. Kiip-enabled games give users a notification when they are close to achieving a reward. Once they’ve reached their goal, they can enter their email address to receive a redemption code for their prize, and then continue with their game. Rather than interrupting a gamer with banner ads, a brand can heighten a consumer’s experience with a gift for doing what they enjoy. Watch the video below for an introduction by Kiip:


(via PSFK)

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