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27/12/2011 / loyaltymarketingnews

In Germany, consumers are rewarded for new product ideas

Smart companies have been involving consumers in the product design process for years already, often rewarding those who contribute with their ideas. Earlier this year we looked at both Ahhha and Genius Crowds, and recently we came across UnserAller, a compelling example from Germany.

UnserAller aims to bring companies and consumers together for the creation of better products. With a focus on consumer goods such as food items and toiletries, UnserAller makes it easy for any interested consumer to contribute ideas large and small to a product’s development, and social features enable discussion and promotion among friends. Offline, the site also offers kits that let users build and tinker with prototypes at home. Either way, for every contribution they make to an idea, consumers are rewarded with points that can be redeemed for discounts and credits in the UnserAller shop, where finalized products are ultimately sold. For companies, it’s free to create a page on UnserAller, but more direct collaboration with the community is priced starting at EUR 49 per month.

Some 11,000 users participated on UnserAller to develop its first offering: a new line of products for a Bavarian mustard manufacturer, according to a report on Open Innovators. Brands around the globe: time to start tapping the global brain on your own product ideas?


(via Springwise)


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