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27/12/2011 / loyaltymarketingnews

Guerrilla Artists Turn Revolving Billboard Into Merry-Go-Round

Three Czech artists have turned a huge billboard into a merry-go-round by hanging swings from the platform as it rotates alongside a highway.

This isn’t the first time that street art has included performance pieces. It’s not just about graffiti, but about how art can reclaim public spaces that serve ordinary, everyday functions.  Street art challenges the visual norm and interrupts the regular flow of information that urban citizens experience.

Here, the performance piece (watch the video, below) is appropriately titled ‘Kolotoc,’ or merry-go-round. Beyond the literal turning, the name also reminds us of the rhythm attached to everyday life and the advertising that we view everyday and is a continuous feature of modern culture.

Guerrilla Artists Turn Revolving Billboard Into Merry-Go-Round

Artists Vojteh Fröhlich, Ondrej Mlady, and Jan Simanek bring fun and play, a bit of the absurd to what is otherwise another monument to corporate brand culture. Their balloons highlight the silliness of the performance and help turn the three-ad billboard into a joke. We love this fusion of funny with smart, guerrilla reclamation of public space.

Kolotoč / Merry-go-round MAKING OF from sgnlr on Vimeo.

(via PSFK)

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