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16/12/2011 / loyaltymarketingnews

Loyalty program rewards customers for previous purchases

Rewarding customers for their loyalty and purchase decisions is a standard retention tool. However a new online platform RNKD presents an alternative way for brands to thank their customers, by offering discounts and gifts based on the items they’ve already bought.

Currently in beta, RNKD was launched by Zappos founder Nick Swinmum. Users are required to first create a login via Facebook, email or by downloading the iPhone app, and are then awarded points for uploading photos of clothes and accessories in their closet — listing brands and place of purchase. Users also earn points for items added by friends they referred to the site, and they can “follow” friends to discover new brands. The more points a user has, the better their chances of winning a prize. Current rewards include USD 500 gift cards, but users will be able to win discounts for their favorite brands in future. Swinmurn reportedly said he hopes to personalize online shopping by using the information people share on RNKD, possibly enabling loyal customers to have exclusive access to a brand’s wares before general release.

RNKD enables brands to identify their most loyal customers and build a relationship with them. One for clothing and accessories labels to get involved with?


(via Springwise)


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