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14/12/2011 / loyaltymarketingnews

Microsoft Releases New All-In-One Tag, QR And NFC Reader

Microsoft recently launched their updated, all-in-one, QR Code and Tag reader, that also has the ability to interact with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

After the launch of the previous iteration of the reader, 18 months ago, that was designed to only be able to read Microsoft Tags, the tech company noticed a growing frustration from mobile phone users around having to download multiple readers to scan different mobile tags. This confusion defeated the overall purpose of these triggers: to provide easy access to additional information for consumers.

Microsoft has responded to this feedback with an integrated, multi-platform reader that makes it simple for phone users – and offers marketers a full suite of technologies to use in a single place. Marja Koopman, General Manager of Marketing told PSFK:

It was important to update the Microsoft Tag platform because there was a need to address the overall market fragmentation in the industry. Our goal was to deliver the freedom for brands to select the recognition platform most appropriate for their customers, and grant customers a single app to launch those experiences.

The new Microsoft Tag app can not only scan QR codes and Tags but it also can read Near Field Communication triggers too.

Microsoft Tag

(via PSFK)

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