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07/12/2011 / loyaltymarketingnews

Virtual Trees In City Centers Reflect Local Environmental Levels

PSFK recently challenged top creative agencies from around the globe to come up with concepts that address issues put forth by The Climate Reality Project. Participants in the Gaming For Good challenge were encouraged to leverage trends identified in PSFK’s Future Of Gaming report to create potential solutions.

REALiTREE was a shortlisted entry submitted by NYC design agency Stark Design.

Virtual Trees In City Centers Reflect Local Environmental Levels [Future Of Gaming]

A REALiTREE is a digital representation of our local environment and the role we are playing in sustaining its wellbeing. The REALiTREEs are massive projections that show a digital image of a tree, complete with leaves, branches, roots, sky and earth. Each tree is meant to be cared for like a Tamagotchi, but rather than being cared for by one person, it is cared for by thousands of individuals, teams, communities, cities and perhaps even countries.

The overall health of the tree will constantly be on display. With good activities it will grow and sway appreciatively. With bad deeds, it will appear to shake and wither.

The REALiTREE’s health is dictated by two types of data. The first is statistical environmental data about the surrounding community, as well as news and insights about political and corporate forces working against the climate’s wellbeing. The second type of data will consist of real-world deeds and their virtual nutrients, which will be delivered through social net- works. For example, checking into a green business on Foursquare will result in positive points and increase the wellness of the tree.

Stark Design

(via PSFK)




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