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07/12/2011 / loyaltymarketingnews

Users Purchase And Leave Gift Cards For Friend’s Next Check-In

iPhone app Clingle has launched a feature that allows users to share location-based gifts with friends and family. Clingle, launched in October of this year, enabled users to check-in from locations and leave “clings” there, which were snippets of text, photos or audio that Clingle users in the vicinity later could then see. Building on its existing features and a comprehensive database of locations, Clingle has now added the ability to send location-based gift cards. Users can leave gift cards to popular stores such as Starbucks or American Eagle for their Clingle or Facebook friends at that location, allowing them to unlock it when they get there. The company is currently promoting the app by offering free gift cards to its users as rewards for various achievements.


(via PSFK)

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  1. modern.devine / Dec 7 2011 18:03

    First thing I wanted to mention (as a consumer), is that this is really exciting. I believe a lot of my friends would use this, as would I. On the marketing and advertising side of me, I believe this brings a lot to the table integrating social media within subjects of sales promotions, customer loyalty, sales leads, and potential awareness. More specifically it allows for greater connectivity with consumers, which means businesses are getting more traffic from consumers which they have might not recieved prior to the ‘gift card’.

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