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07/12/2011 / loyaltymarketingnews

In Munich, car-sharing scheme rewards journeys by bike

In Munich, more than 80 percent of citizens own a bicycle, yet they use it for basic transportation only 10 percent of the time; cars still account for more than half of all daily travel. Aiming to increase the use of sustainable transportation and minimize the number of cars on the road, Mo is a new mobility system that offers car-sharing and e-bike rental, with rewards each time consumers travel by bicycle.

A joint project by design firm LUNAR Europe, environmental organization Green City e.V. and the University of Wuppertal, Mo began with extensive consumer surveys designed to establish a better understanding of today’s transportation needs. Inspired by the results, they created a flexible system that encourages consumers to make sustainable transportation choices, even for spontaneous travel. Participants begin by registering with the service, which gives them a membership card that doubles as both a ticket for public transport and an access card for renting Mo vehicles. A tag is also attached to the member’s bicycle to keep track of the distance they travel on it. Credit is awarded to his or her Mo account for each mile ridden; the more they accumulate, the lower the rate Mo charges for renting Mo vehicles such as cargo bikes, e-bikes or cars. A dedicated mobile app is available for checking account balances, finding and booking vehicles through Mo, or checking schedules and maps for public transport. When companies sign up with Mo, vehicles and charging stations can be placed on the company campus to make employee participation easier. The video below explains Mo in further detail:

The Mo concept study is focused on the city of Munich, but it looks ripe for emulation in other urban areas around the globe. Sustainability entrepreneurs: this one’s for you!


(via Springwise)


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