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29/11/2011 / loyaltymarketingnews

How Tropicana Created A Facebook Campaign To Launch Twister

While surfing the web, I stumbled across an interesting campaign designed by BBDO Argentina for PepsiCo to launch Tropicana’s new drink Twister.

The challenge was to launch a new fruit drink in Argentina, with a lot of buzz, when, market was dominated by aerated drinks, alcoholic beverages and other fruit drinks.

Creative Concept: The campaign started in August 2011 with a series of videos featuring Mother Nature Panchamama and all her wisdom. She talks about a drink called Twister with perfect mix of water and juice, just like in fruits, which she recommends to everyone.

To prove that Mother Nature knows the best the participants are challenged to a competition with her owl. The Pachamama gave to the owl the capacity to go hours without blinking to make sure it could stay alert for any dangers lurking in the night.

The Campaign: The campaign to launch the drink was done in several phases, starting from late August this year. Several videos were aired this to describe the life of Panchamama, including a YouTube channel.

In the second phase of the campaign, Panchamama has hit Facebook with her owl Twister.  Fans on Facebook were invited to challenge the power of Mother Nature’s Owl in a blinking competition. This was done through using a webcam and a technology that detects the slightest blink.

What is good about it? The campaign was carried out in phases, which is an interesting part. As well as the concept of going back to nature, to promote a fruit drink is commendable. The concept of endorsing a fruit drink and nature relates to product but is also present  in the communication campaign, which has as its star Pachamama (Mother Nature) and all her wisdom.

Also, to engage the younger target group a competition was launched in the second phase. Though the campaign is in Spanish, we have the video for you right here, take a look and do tell us if you want to challenge the owl:


(via Mindjumpers)


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