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22/11/2011 / loyaltymarketingnews

Coca-Cola + Nexus Interactive Arts Unveil World’s Largest Digital “Waterfall”

Worldwide softdrink titan Coca-Cola recently joined forces with London-based production studio Nexus Interactive Arts (NIA) to craft what may be the world’s largest interactive digital wall. Standing tall at 52 feet, the digital installation adorns the Cascada (Spanish for “waterfall”) exhibit in the  El Condado shopping center in Quito, Ecuador, and is said to be so vivid and interactive that viewers are “left surprised that they are dry…and in dire need of Coca-Cola.”

NIA introduces a new technology in the digital wall, wherein three-dimensional images accurately mimic the look of liquid falling and slicing down a viewer’s eyes.  The shape-shifting visions of “water” then fall down in phosphorescent bursts of caramel and varying colors, which the viewer can appreciate even without the use of 3D glasses.

Chris O’Reilly, creative director and cofounder of Nexus Productions, shares the story behind the playful digital wall:

At first, it was only tech people who were getting involved in the digital space. Now, it’s artists and other people who understand design and storytelling

This holds true in the interactive experience, as the digital waterfall becomes “happier” as you play with it more and more.  For instance, a group standing in a circle holding hands would cause the water to collect and increase in volume–completely filling up the top half of the screen. Once the group lets go, the “water” will flow down rapidly.

The Cascada exhibit is expected to receive up to 2 million visitors in its initial seven-week launch, after which it will be transferred to the Honduras and Colombia in early 2012.

Coca-cola + Nexus Interactive Arts Unveil World’s Largest Digital “Waterfall”


Nexus Interactive Arts

(via PSFK)



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