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18/11/2011 / loyaltymarketingnews

Who Should You Follow on Social Media? Proliphiq Knows The Answer

“Who should I follow?” You may have asked yourself this question after logging onto social media websites like Twitter and Facebook, only to be overwhelmed with millions of profile options to follow or subscribe to.

Proliphiq helps you find the answer to that question.

Proliphiq is a social media discovery tool that helps you find the most credible contributors within the topics that interest you. The search tool filters social media clutter by aggregating profiles that are most relevant to your search topics and finding the best contributors based on personality, level of engagement and credibility.

“Proliphiq is different from a search engine like Google in the way that we don’t help users search for content or videos,” says Adam Roozen, CEO of Proliphiq. “Proliphiq looks for the sources of the content and videos to help you identify who to follow and to also help you build relationships with those contributors.”

To begin, users must log into either their Facebook or Twitter accounts on Proliphiq’s website. They search for topics that interest them, and Proliphiq will provide a visual, intuitive ranking of the most relevant profiles based on those topics. The search results may change based on who their friends search for, rate, and are interested in.

ProliphiqTopicBarDrag the slider, choose a topic, and watch the map populate with credible profiles for that tag.

Each profile is ranked according to their interaction with the community, the community’s opinion of them and their audience on social media sites such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. Select any of the profiles to view their live feed, rankings, credibility, engagement, content and audience.

ProliphiqUserProfileClick on a user profile to see stats and rankings.

These detailed profiles provides essential information to help users decide whether they want to follow that person or not.

Anyone can rate a profile using the “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” options. If you don’t think a specific profile applies to a topic, feel free to share your opinions about that person.

ProliphiqRatedShare what you think about an individual

Proliphiq also gives users the option to see how that person ranks as a contributor among a network of friends as well as the rest of the social media world.

To earn credibility and increase website visitors, contributors can show their Proliphiq badge widget on their own sites or blogs. The badge widget is a good opportunity to get feedback from website visitors, improve their sites based on this feedback and increase their rankings.

Interested in trying Proliphiq? Although the site is in private beta, the team has provided an access code for the first 200 Mashable readers who want to test the website. If you want an inside look into Proliphiq, copy and paste the following exclusive code into the “access code” box on the home page – pqff_l0_21cafa289c202

Proliphiq has raised $500,000 since it began development in 2010 and plans to incorporate statistics from other popular social media websites in the future.

(via Mashable)


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