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17/11/2011 / loyaltymarketingnews

Fibank launches YES loyalty program

Fibank, the Bulgarian retail bank, has launched its loyalty program — the YES program. Fibank is the first Bulgarian bank to offer an innovative credit card with contactless and real-time loyalty features.

The YES program includes a wide partner network of merchants across Bulgaria. Each time a customer pays with their YES card at a merchant participating in the program, they automatically collect bonus points. The customer can then redeem the accumulated points at the next payment made at any of the participating partner merchants.

Mariana Sadjaklieva, Head, Cards Department at Fibank, said: “Fibank has always been interested in developing and implementing innovative solutions that go beyond what is currently offered on the market. We are providing our customers with greater value, enhanced services and professionalism throughout the retail experience. With YES we found a niche — a loyalty program for our cardholders that rewards them for every purchase they make using their card through a loyalty program built on a network of partner companies and merchants in Bulgaria.


(via Colloquy)


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