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11/11/2011 / loyaltymarketingnews

Swarovski soars into gaming with Christmas-themed mobile app

Precision-cut crystal manufacturer Swarovski is ushering consumers into the holiday spending spirit with its new Swarovski Christmas gaming mobile application.

Swarovski’s Around the World Christmas game asks users to drag and drop branded tree ornaments to rack up air-travel points to access new levels. The brand sent an email out to newsletter subscribers yesterday morning announcing the new app and its potential to help consumers win Swarovski prizes.

“We aim at providing entertaining experiences for our fans that allow Swarovski to connect with them and engage them in our fun and sparkling world,” said Livia Marotta, director of communications and public relations of Swarovski North America, New York.

“Swarovski is a major destination for the holidays with the vast assortment of holiday jewelry and ornaments [that] we offer,” she said.

Trimming the tree
The Swarovski game has a portfolio of characters, each of whom have a different color scheme and a list of favorite Swarovski items.

The game requires consumers to drag branded holiday ornaments from a Christmas tree and drop them on the item’s fictional owner.

Each branded holiday ornament contains a Swarovski holiday product.

There are also trick ornaments that use the same color scheme, but contain Christmas symbols and not Swarovski products to distract consumers. The non-Swarovski ornaments detract points if a player drags and drops them.

Drag and drop the ornaments on the right characters

Users earn points based on how many ornaments they correctly deliver.

Points can be used for air travel, with the objective of the game being to travel to cities around the world. This is the game’s equivalent of levels.

By entering the global high-score list, players are entered into a contest to win a weekly or final prize. A player can be added to the high-score list and entered to win prizes numerous times.

Each week, one high-scorer will win a Crystalline USB stick. The final prize is a $136 Swarovski voucher.

“For most retailers, it definitely is worth it to create an app since the last three months of the year with its assorted holidays of Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas and New Year’s generally bring with it revenue exceeding double or triple what their average revenue is per that quarter,” said Simon Buckingham, CEO of Appitalism, New York.

“That being said, the developer needs to be fully aware when creating a holiday app that the most important idea to keep in mind is that the app must have multiple functions and not be geared specifically towards one concept,” he said.

“Swarovski took the right approach when they decided to create this holiday app to not only showcase their items, but also interlock the product with the consumer,” Mr. Buckingham said.

Shining star
Consumers can find more information about the Swarovski products that are featured in the ornaments by clicking on the question-mark button in the corner of the map.

On this screen, players can see each of the fictional character’s favorite products and click on them to receive a product description and number.

“This app is unique in its own right in that it not only offers you the full Christmas catalog, but it engages the customer to interact within the app,” Mr. Buckingham said.

Swarosvki gaming app product list

Also in this section is a place for consumers to create a wishlist of products, see the global high-score list, re-read the game rules and find Swarovski contact information.

Swarovski is spreading the news about the app through a QR code-embedded email to its newsletter subscribers.

The email invites consumers to Play and Win by scanning the QR code or visiting

The email sent to newsletter subscribers

Indeed, using a QR code to lead to the mobile app makes sense since affluent consumers who are interested and tech-savvy enough to scan the code are likely to be intrigued by the game.

Furthermore, the leverage of the email and the inclusion of a Web address to get to the app will help gain the attention of the consumers who have not adapted to QR codes yet.

“QR codes have not caught on just yet, but are something to watch out for,” Mr. Buckingham said. “There is only about a 20 percent adoption rate for people who even know what QR codes are.

“Email is a great way to spread word of an app because it is the oldest marketing channel on the Internet,” he said.


(via Luxury Daily)


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