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09/11/2011 / loyaltymarketingnews

Shell announces new rewards plan

According to an article on NACS Online, Shell is about to score an industry first when it comes to major oil loyalty offers.

The article continues, “Shell is joining an electronic discount network that will allow consumers who shop at retail merchants such as Macy’s, Barnes & Noble, Nike, J.C. Penney and The Home Depot to convert reward points they earn at those chains into instant price discounts at the pump. Under the program, consumers will pick up a free “Fuel Reward Network” (FRN) card at any participating Shell station and register online at They will then be able to add and combine rewards they earn from purchases at FRN grocers, FRN Dining, FRN Online Mall and FRN e-coupons and spend them to fill up at the pump. They can stack up their rewards or spend them as they earn them, up to a maximum 20 gallons per purchase.”

Click Here to learn more.


(via Colloquy)


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