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07/11/2011 / loyaltymarketingnews

Walmart Envisions In-Store Social Network For Shoppers

Walmart’s research deparment @WalmartLabs is working on creating a social network for the chain’s stores. Two hundred million customers visit Walmart every week but there is no easy way for them to share opinions and interact with others while they’re shopping. As there are a lot of customers in most stores at any time, Walmart’s concept is to offer them a way to join the conversation on an in-store network when they walk in and then leave once they’ve gone through the checkout. Shoppers would be constantly joining and leaving, sparking new conversations with different people.

Using their mobile phones to interact, customers would be able to ask other shoppers in the store questions or provide answers, seek and give opinions on products, and alert them to deals and special offers. Ravi Raj, vice president of product at @WalmartLabs, says the concept is still in its early stages but the idea is great for customer interactions:

The primary value you’ll get is the community feel. We look to create a dynamic social network within the store. Shoppers will come together, interact with each other and then disperse. And then a new network forms.


(via PSFK)

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