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01/11/2011 / loyaltymarketingnews launches new loyalty program has launched a new loyalty program to reward its frequent visitors by giving them prizes for visiting and participating at the website. The program is set up to be easy to use and beneficial to the site’s loyal readers and visitors. The idea of the program is to give back to the readers every time they comment on posts, visit the site, “like” the Facebook page, and like, tweet and Google +1 the site’s posts.

The site’s rewards program will give readers the opportunity to earn points redeemable for gifts certificates at online merchants like Groupon, Barnes and Noble and Ebay gift cards. The prizes change periodically but will typically be gift cards. The prizes may not be free flights or large cash prizes, but it’s still a fun way to keep readers and site visitors entertained.

It is very simple to enter the program. There is no limit to how many people can win prizes and it is very easy to enter. Here is how the Readers Loyalty Program works. The rewards tab can be seen on every page on the left hand sidebar. Clicking the tab will cause the contest entry window will pop up. A button that says “Become a member now” will be displayed, and clicking that will use the reader’s Facebook account to enter the visitor into the contest. This will help keep track of all the points each contestant earns each day.

The contestants can check earned points and the point leaders anytime by again clicking the rewards tab. Doing so will display the leader board, which includes a link to the current prizes catalog. The Rewards Loyalty Program is truly an ingenious and entertaining way to keep readers coming. It’s simple and fun and easy to join and use. For more information about the program visit


(via Colloquy)


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