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01/11/2011 / loyaltymarketingnews

In London, branded taxi cab serves as mobile market research lab

It’s never easy gathering honest feedback from consumers about brands and advertising, particularly in artificial settings such as the market research lab. Where Chicago-based Lab42 has turned to social networks as a more natural place to reach consumers, UK-based Hall & Partners have begun offering a service from within a branded taxi cab.

Rather than trying to gauge popular opinions in the artificial lab setting or awkward on-the-street interview, London market research firm Hall & Partners now offers its clients an alternative. Specifically, it has created a dedicated, branded taxi cab — complete with its own Facebook page — that brands can use to collect feedback while providing a valuable service to consumers. Retail brands, for instance, can hire the Hall & Partners cab to shuttle shoppers home from the mall in comfort, in exchange for their thoughts about the shopping experience. Others can simply tour the streets for a day and provide rides in exchange for passengers’ views about a particular topic. One of Hall & Partners professional researchers is typically part of the package, which can include product and taste tests as well.

Part brand butler, part tryvertising campaign and part market research tool, Hall & Partners’ taxi offers clients a compelling new way to get closer to customers while helping them out — not to mention serving as a highly visible mobile billboard for H&P itself. Researchers around the world: be inspired!


(via Springwise)


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