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31/10/2011 / loyaltymarketingnews

Neolane announces personalised Facebook offers

In the next generation of Neolane Interaction (an application for fusing inbound and outbound marketing campaigns and offers), Neolane can dynamically generate real-time personalised marketing offers and content on brand pages. This will enable brands to transform anonymous fans and followers into known, addressable individuals, and eventually, long-term, profitable relationships. Marketers can now provide an interactive one-to-one customer experience to each Facebook user by personalising brand pages’ content depending on his or her user profile. For example, when two Facebook users view the same Facebook page, they will see different content: one can see a personalised up-sell offer related to the brand’s loyalty card, while the other can be reminded of a promotion he has already received by email. Part of the Neolane platform, Neolane Interaction is based on a rules engine and matches an individual contact to a central customer database, selects the best offer and renders it for the appropriate channel, which could be email, social, mobile, web or customer contact centre, then presents the offer to the customer.


(via The Wise Marketer)


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