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25/10/2011 / loyaltymarketingnews

Costa Rica Launches Million Dollar Happiness Campaign

If you ever visit Costa Rica, there’s a common phrase thrown around a lot you’ll probably hear numerous time. Pura Vida, most closely translated to “Pure Life,” but also extending to meaning “full of life,” happiness, or real, unadulterated living, this phrase supposedly encapsulates everything that Costa Ricans stand for, and that “thing” that tourists hope to capture when they visit. Taking advantage of CR’s global reputation for elevating moods, 22squared, USA has joined forces with Costa Rica’s tourism board to offer Costa Rica’s Million Dollar Gift of Happiness. This new and unusual ad campaign features a blissed-out talking sloth touting the amazing natural attractions of this peaceful Central American country, all the while offering a chance to win one of several free trips-care of the Costa Rica Tourism Board.

Through a contest on the Visit Costa Rica Facebook page, the Costa Rica Tourism Board will actually be giving away one trip per weekday from now until February 5, 2012. Each winner and one guest will spend 8 days, 7 nights on a customizable trip to Costa Rica. The five trip types being offered include Adventure Happiness, Adrenaline Happiness, Authentic Happiness, Romantic Happiness and Wildlife Happiness, with videos describing each type posted on the Facebook page and the Costa Rica YouTube channel.

For those of lacking in the luck department, there will also be 95 hand-selected travelers who “could benefit from a gift of happiness.” In total, 255 travelers will receive free trips during this major campaign, so if you’re even a little interested in seeing a real life sloth up close and personal, be sure to visit their facebook page below:

(via PSFK)

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