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21/10/2011 / loyaltymarketingnews

Kids Interact With Yogurt Brand Through Fun-Filled AR Challenges

Greek Yogurt brand Chobani has recently introduced Chobani Champions, the first Greek yogurt made especially for kids. The Chobani Champions brand has the same great nutritional value as the traditional yogurt, and comes in kid-friendly flavors VerryBerry and Honey-Nana. Beyond the actual yogurt, Chobani Champions has created a complete campaign to engage and inspire children. John Heath, Vice President of New Ventures and Innovation at Chobani, comments:

At Chobani, we believe that being a ‘champion’ is more than just about eating right. Champions are imaginative, active, courageous and caring – the four pillars of our kids’ brand.

Champify is the mobile app component of the Chobani Champions campaign, available for iPhone and Android. With the app, Chobani aims to promote imagination, courage, activity, and caring among children through games, activities, and challenges.

Under each Chobani Champions yogurt lid, there is a collectible ChampTag medal. There are four versions of the medal, that can be accessed in their 3D form using the app’s augmented reality technology. Take a look at our video of the app demo narrated by John Heath.

In addition to the individual, interactive challenges, Chobani will be promoting the Champions brand and interacting with consumers using social and mobile media, as well as a cross-country bus tour. The tour is currently traveling down the East Coast, offering samples as well as events and opportunities to interact with the brand using augmented reality. Chobani Champions has also partnered with KaBOOM!, a non-profit dedicated to making play areas available to children, to gift three cities along the tour route with an Imagination Playground in a Box. These kits allow children to design their own playground experience using foam materials.

Chobani Champions

(via PSFK)

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