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18/10/2011 / loyaltymarketingnews

Location-Based App Suggests Your Next Move Depending On Your Situation

UrbanDaddy released a new version of its free iPhone app last week, which offers users a selection of restaurant and bar locations in various cities depending on who they’re out with and what they’d like to do. The app uses GPS to suggest the perfect nearby place and once you’ve told it your situation, it will deliver relevant content and tell you your next move.

New features include an app-wide search function, expanded nightlife and restaurant content, men’s shopping and grooming selection from UrbanDaddy’s editors, a ‘favorites’ list, and a ‘randomize’ option where you roll the dice for a random selection.

Location-Based App Suggests Your Next Move Depending On Your Situation

To coincide with this new version, UrbanDaddy released some stats from the past two years since it’s initial launch. According to their figures, 150,000 people have used the app to find suggestions for where to entertain their mistress, Saturday night is the most popular night of the week to go out into town, and the top request in New York City is for ‘drinks with friends,’ while in Washington, D.C. it’s for ‘dancing’.


(via PSFK)

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