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14/10/2011 / loyaltymarketingnews

Steve Madden campaign nets 1,300 mobile opt-ins

Steve Madden netted approximately 1,300 mobile opt-ins from a recent MMS campaign that was part of its strategy to use content-rich messages to help build its mobile CRM strategy.

Of the more than 13,000 registered attendees of the South by Southwest music festival, roughly 10 percent of them opted-in to the campaign and more than 70 percent of these opted in to receive future mobile messages from Steve Madden. The effort was part of the brand’s ongoing strategy to use MMS messaging tied in with local events to engage narrowly-targeted groups of consumers.

“Steve Madden is using mobile at on-the-ground events like South by Southwest and Fashion Week to connect with individual consumers,” said Scott Rogers, vice president of sales and brand solutions for Mogreet, Venice, CA.

“Mobile CRM plays a very important role for Steve Madden,” he said. “Being able to put a new shoe or some footage from an event in front of mobile users enables the brand to remarket to a specific slice of the audience and be relevant to them.

“Having the ability to remarket to those consumers drives sales, brand affinity and awareness of new products.”

Relevant information

Steve Madden worked with Mogreet on recent campaigns for the South by Southwest festival and Fashion Week in New York.

The shoe brand was a sponsor of the South by Southwest annual festival in Austin, TX, this spring where it used mobile to target the festival’s trendy, tech-savvy audience.

Steve Madden worked with Mogreet to create a campaign that would provide consumer insights that could be used to deliver more relevant and personalized information.

Consumers could text a keyword to a short code to receive a video featuring Steve Madden and some of the bands playing at the festival.

Those who responded also received a short questionnaire about their music preferences that was linked to a CRM database to capture information that could be used to send more personalized messages in the future. The campaign included a chance to gain VIP access to the festival and free giveaways.

For Fashion Week in New York City in September, Steve Madden encouraged mobile users to text a  keyword to a short code to receive video content from the fashion shows.

Several different keywords were place inside New York cabs, at various Fashion Week events and in stores.

Mobile users could text keywords such as DISCO to a short code to receive a message with video clips from Fashion Week.

Besides brand awareness, Steve Madden was also looking to build its list of opted in mobile subscribers with an interest in fashion so that it could alert them to Steve Madden-related events at Fashion Week.

Brands such as Bloomingdale’s, Vans and others work with Mogreet to leverage MMS to send rich media content such as videos to consumers.

Steve Madden will continue to send fashion-related messaging to this audience going forward.

“Steve Madden is a stylish brand and it wanted to get itself in front of tastemakers and fashion-minded consumers and looked at mobile as a good way to connect with people on the go throughout the event,” Mr. Rogers said.

“Using mobile enables Steve Madden to remessage to this audience in the future with information relevant to them,” he said.

“Steve Madden is planning other similar efforts that leverage their presence at events and is looking to more directly connect with customers in the mobile channel.”


(via Mobile Marketer)


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