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13/10/2011 / loyaltymarketingnews

Brazilian Viewers Choose What Gets Screened In Local Cinemas

It’s one thing to broadcast live theater and opera events on the silver screen, but it’s quite another to let patrons choose what’s shown on any given night. That, however, is just the premise behind Mobz, a Brazilian effort to bring a wide variety of consumer-chosen entertainment onto the screens of local cinemas.

Mobz aims to optimize the use of digital cinema through broadcasts of live events, concerts, movies and more. No central decision-maker chooses what gets shown, however; rather, local consumers are invited to vote on the site for the shows or films they want to see. When enough people vote for a particular screening, Mobz negotiates the details with the content owners and theaters, and viewers can then buy their tickets through the site. Mobz promotes the screening over social networks, and provided a minimum number of tickets are sold, the event or film is then aired. If the quota is not met, then those who had bought tickets are fully refunded. More than 80 potential shows are currently listed on Mobz, including numerous Bolshoi Ballet and Met Opera performances.

There’s no better way to please the crowds than by letting the crowds choose for themselves. A model to emulate in other parts of the world?


(via PSFK)

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