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11/10/2011 / loyaltymarketingnews

UNICEF’s Little Orange Box Goes Digital This Halloween

UNICEF, which has helped raise more than $164 million since 1953 with its iconic orange boxes, is taking its Halloween fundraising digital. The charitable organization is launching an online “Trick-or-Treat” portal and including QR codes on its instantly recognizable orange boxes.

The main feature of the web portal is UNICEF’s Digital Costume Party — a web app that lets do-gooders create virtual costumes and share them over social networks while donating to a cause.

Users can upload photos of themselves and then try on various digital costumes and photo filters for free. More digital costumes and photo effects are available for $5 and $10 donations. That money will go to helping children in need, and clicking on either donation level will show how your money can help.

The orange box is also going digital thanks to the inclusion of a Microsoft QR code. People can donate by scanning the code with their smartphone or texting TOT to “UNICEF” (864233).

The Trick-or-Treat portal still offers a healthy serving of Halloween-flavored fun. There are tools to help plan parties, share spooky Halloween stories or order your free UNICEF orange boxes to collect money.

Are you more likely to give from your smartphone? Let us know in the comments.

unicef box image

(via Mashable)


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