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10/10/2011 / loyaltymarketingnews

How Adecco’s Facebook Campaign Changed Its Positioning

Adecco is a world-known employment agency which supplies a great number of jobs in a variety of sectors. But they were facing a challenge in Norway. To overcome this they came out with a great campaign in which the CEO give up his job to a deserving candidate.

Challenge: Adecco was facing a challenge about its positioning. Young and ambitious students associated the company with low profile service jobs but not with high paying white collared ones. In order to attract the right talent for such openings they launched a campaign called ‘Adecco: Be the next CEO’.

Campaign: The CEO of the company offered his job for a month to the winner of this campaign. The person would get to make all the decisions and get the big money, but the challenge was to walk in CEO’s shoes for a virtual work day. This involved hiring employees from among your Facebook friends, conflict management and talking to journalist. As the answers were broadcasted on the local radio, the current CEO decided the effectiveness of your management.

Result: The first round generated  2300 pre-qualified applicants followed by screening interviews and personality tests, where they were narrowed down to 10. These 10 candidates started running their own campaigns and ads for votes, some of stunts during the personal ad campaigns were covered in news papers.

After the voting, 4 candidates were selected, then they had a series of tests and debates in front of a live audience. When the winner was announced at the end of the day. She got to be CEO of Adecco for the next month. Her experiences were documented in blogs and through social media.

What was good about the campaign?

Finally, the campaign attracted a lot of student attention, positive press coverage and social media coverage too, of course! And finally Adecco achieved what they had set out to.

I believe it was a very clever strategy to reach out to the target customers and set the image of the brand right. And selecting Facebook as a platform was an effective way to connect with the audience where they are present. It was also an effective way to create a buzz among friends of friends, who were not directly involved in the campaign.


(via Mindjumpers)


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