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07/10/2011 / loyaltymarketingnews

New Labels On Packaging Include Instructions For Reuse

The Costa Rican project (meaning “What do I do with this”) has successfully convinced several Central American brands to print ideas for reuse directly on their packaging. Each label has basic instructions for how to repurpose the container, and includes the Quehagoconesto web address. At the site, consumers can find step-by-step instructions, including pictures.

Instructive labels on hair gel, a lightbulb, toilet paper, and a food container.

The lid of a tub of paint becomes a clock, the tub itself is turned into a lamp shade.

All of the ideas are from students at the Universidad Veritas, where the concept has been incorporated into the curriculum of design classes. Project director Manuel Travisany said in an interview with TreeHugger:

Our dream is to be self-sustaining, to incorporate more brands every day, hopefully the largest [ones] that produce more packages. Why not think about it in the near future as an international standard in product labeling? This is just the beginning.

So far, participating brands include Plastigel, Rice ‘n Smile, Sylvania, Lanco, Nevax, Gollo, and Pecositas.

(via PSFK)

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