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05/10/2011 / loyaltymarketingnews

Luxury yacht companies step up mobile game for upcoming boat shows

Yacht companies such as Pearl Motor Yachts and Fleming Yachts have developed iPad applications in preparation for a series of boat shows in the next few months.

In addition to priming consumers for the events, an app will likely help to showcase special features while at the event. Pearl Motor Yachts and Fleming’s apps are available for free in Apple’s App Store.

“Many boat manufacturers are incorporating iPad apps into marketing,” said Chris Ramey, president of Affluent Insights, Miami. “Smart homes have evolved into smart yachts.

“It adds value because of engagement and management of the vessel,” he said. “This is perfect timing – yachts will all be introduced in the Ft. Lauderdale boat show in a couple of months followed by a bunch of others.”

Mr. Ramey is not affiliated with either company, but offered to comment as an industry expert.

Both Fleming Yachts and Pearl Motor Yachts’ apps were developed by Prestige Vision, a hotel and yacht management company.

Prestige Vision has developed other apps this year for Meridian Yachts and Azimut companies.

Setting sale

Pearl Motor Yachts’ app is for the Pearl 50.

The app offers a virtual tour, photo gallery, layout and specifications.

Users are able to take a tour of the cabin by moving their fingers around the screen.

Small circles pulse on the screen and when consumers tap on them, they can hone in on specific details of the yacht such as the kitchen area, living room and deck.

Tapping on the ship wheel icon brings consumers to the layout section with three displays of the ship levels.

Deck display

Consumers are also able to view the ship’s engines, standard specification features and dimensions.

Fleming Yachts’ app for its Fleming 55-217 is similar.

Users do not get a pop-up screen offering the discovery options like in Pearl’s, but rather are brought directly into the virtual tour where they can click on the pulsating circles to discover details from the yacht.

Deck of the Fleming 55

Consumers can check out the layouts for the three levels, but are not able to see specifications.

Whatever floats the boat

Quite a few yacht companies have developed iPad apps to display their vessels on the device’s large screen.

For instance, luxury yacht company YCO is increasing vessel purchase, charter and management ease with the release of its first iPad app that displays yachts from companies worldwide (see story).

Boat shows are one of the most important opportunities that luxury yachting brands have to showcase their products.

Whether or not it is done through traditional marketing or via more modern ways such as an iPad app, brands often choose to kick off new lines or showcase vessels for the first time at boat shows (see story).

“The primary purpose of an app is to engage individuals,” Mr. Ramey said. “Only the ones who care about yacht apps are the ones who will buy or aspire to buy a yacht.

“If that’s who the client is, it’s important to reach them,” he said.


(via Luxury Daily)


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