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03/10/2011 / loyaltymarketingnews

Magners Offers Cider Gift Packs On Facebook

Magners cider has entered the world of f-commerce by opening a Facebook store to sell a limited-edition run of one thousand gift packs to UK customers. The packs feature the newly-launched Magners Specials range of blended ciders and are available exclusively through the social network at a price of £10 including delivery. They include one bottle of each of the new flavours: pear and ginger, spiced apple & honey and spiced apple & rhubarb, plus a special edition bottle opener and booklet.

Magners has almost 75,000 Facebook fans and has launched these gift packs primarily to raise awareness of its Specials, but the brand has also said that Facebook could grow as a sales channel. Head of marketing at Magners, Kirsty Hunter, said:

F-commerce is in the very early stages, so at the moment it is simply a great way to increase offline sales by driving trial. In years to come, however, we may see more consumers making their purchases in this way.

Magners Offers £10 Cider Gift Packs On Facebook

Magners has come up with a three-tier security system to ensure that consumers are of a legal age to purchase the alcohol. There is an age gate preventing those with a profile age of under 18 from viewing the page, a payment portal that only accepts payment by credit card, and the courier will also check the ID of a recipient on delivery.


(via PSFK)

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