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29/09/2011 / loyaltymarketingnews

Tesco Uses AR Advertising For ‘Big Price Drop’ Campaign

As part of Tesco‘s £500m ‘Big Price Drop’ initiative, the supermarket is running an extensive campaign, which includes TV ads, Out of Home advertising, digital activity, outdoor, press and radio ads, and an AR print campaign that works via a smartphone app.

Blippar is a free app that provides virtual and interactive content using image recognition technology. Those who download the app can hold it up to a press or Out of Home advert for Tesco and the augmented reality allows them to access information about the ‘Big Price Drop,’ nearby store locations and recipe ideas. Tesco is the first major retailer to deliver an AR print campaign using the UK-based tool. Angela Porter, senior advertising manager at Tesco, said:

The Big Price Drop initiative is a major new offering from Tesco this autumn so it is fitting to partner with an equally innovative new technology for the launch campaign.

We have been working hard with Initiative to devise an execution that takes interaction to the next level and by providing customers with the means to download store information instantly I am confident we have achieved that.


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