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29/09/2011 / loyaltymarketingnews

Share The Cost Of Presents With SocialGift

SocialGift is a site where a group of people can all chip in to buy a present for a special event. To start a SocialGift, you select a product or service from the online store, invite friends or family to contribute using Facebook, Twitter or Email, and once the gift has been funded it is shipped either to the recipient or to the organizer.

Share The Cost Of Presents With SocialGift

SocialGift is good for sharing the cost of a present that would be too expensive for an individual to buy. You can easily see who’s given money on the event page and there’s a comment wall to ask questions and chat. The gift voting system lets everyone have their say about the choice of present, and you can give multiple gifts by creating a unique gift basket.

You can also earn Karma points, which build up every time you create an event, chip into an event, or when you invite someone who chips in. Once you have reached a certain amount, you can reward yourself with products from the SocialGift catalog. Take a look at the animated video below, created by the team at Mango Collective:


(via PSFK)

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