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29/09/2011 / loyaltymarketingnews

Facebook Generates Business for Companies That Use It

When we discuss the ROI on Facebook, we often come across different opinions about it. While a lot of businesses focus on building sustainable relationships and creating buzz through Facebook, a lot of them want to generate direct revenue from it. Here is a really good infographic put together by Webs, a website designing firm who compiled the findings of a survey done by their group Pagemodo in an interesting infographic.

The survey findings:

Pagemodo conducted a survey among small business owners who were using Facebook as a marketing channel and found some very interesting insights which project Facebook as a revenue generation channel. I found it really interesting that a lot of companies designed their Facebook page, before their website. A look at statistics about traffic generated by Facebook:

  • 47% said their Facebook pages are pushing a significant amount of traffic to their websites.
  • 48% reported that a portion of the traffic converts into customers.

What does this infographic mean to your business?

This is obviously welcome news for all businesses however big or small, established or start-ups. This is because if Facebook can generate revenues for entrepreneurs and small companies with limited resources, then it can definitely do wonders if the efforts are channelized in a right direction with proper strategy.

Take a look at the infographic here and tell us if you feel that your Facebook page is living up to your expectations?


(via Mindjumpers)


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