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29/09/2011 / loyaltymarketingnews

Amazon Silk Revolutionizes Split Web Browsing

As the web constantly evolves, and online tasks become more complicated and involved, load times and the speed of various sites can make all the difference in a browsing experience. The team from Amazon has found a solution to those concerns with the Amazon Silk web browser. This newly-launched browsing platform was made available through the Amazon Fire tablet, and it is intended to improve web surfing.

Amazon Silk is described as a split type of browser, in which half of the tasks are performed by the device itself, while the other half are powered by the cloud, also known as Amazon Web Services. In this way, computing power is enhanced, and the speed is faster, which can even lead to smarter and more intuitive web browser. According to the team, in the era of cloud computing, web browsers should also be able to adapt, such that they can already determine the web surfing patterns of their users. Amazon Silk can do just that, and can even automatically cache the user’s pages of interest, even before he decides to click on them.

Amazon Silk

(via PSFK)

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