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26/09/2011 / loyaltymarketingnews

Vimeo Launches Music Store For Licensing Tracks

The Vimeo Music Store launched last week, bringing its users a way to find and license audio tracks for their videos. With over 45,000 to choose from, creators can search using various criteria such as genre, tempo, theme, mood or a specific instrument, and then download the tracks they want to use.

There are three license options to choose from, provided by the sites Free Music Archive and Audiosocket, who feature creative musicians’ original tracks, not mainstream recording artists.

There is free Creative Commons-licensed music, personal non-commercial licences for $1.99 per track, and commercial licenses for $98 per track. Also, for the first week, Vimeo is offering all of its Plus and PRO members one free, personal license track ($1.99 value). Blake Whitman, vice president of creative development, said:

Licensing music on your own can be confusing and finding good free music can take forever. Many of us here at Vimeo are video creators or filmmakers as well and we experience these frustrations on a regular basis. So, we decided to do something about it. Vimeo Music Store is your one-stop-shop for finding, discovering and licensing high quality music for your videos.

(via PSFK)

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