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14/09/2011 / loyaltymarketingnews

Norma Kamali Goes 3D

As a designer, Norma Kamali has always pushed the boundaries of artistic expression. From creating trends like the sleeping bag coat, the high heeled sneaker, clothing made from parachutes, and collector-worthy swimwear, Kamali’s motto has always been ‘Stay true to who you are and reinvent to be relevant.’ In the spirit of trying new things, this September 15th Kamali will offer up, as a place where viewers can see the Norma Kamali Spring 2012 Collection through Norma’s signature cat-eye shaped 3D glasses. If you’d like to play along at home, fans can receive a free pair of the custom designed 3D specs by signing up on the site or Kamali’s Facebook page ( Adjoining film and video shopping pages can also be viewed in 2D or in higher resolution 3D by selecting various options on the YouTube player.

This project is especially exciting because it’ll be the first time a site will feature 3D video shopping pages — allowing for viewers to see clothing in vivid detail.

The new site will feature multiple sections viewable in 3D for anyone with universal anaglyphic glasses, including:

  • 3D video shopping pages where models show off Norma’s Spring collection using fun and quirky dance movements
  • 3D fashion film with multiple layers of 3D edits to show off the Spring collection in a lighthearted and expressive way
  • an interactive fashion game embedded within the fashion film where viewers can identify 6 out of 12 items which were not featured in the movie

As for the actual show on the 15th, each guest will receive a pair of signature Norma Kamali cat-eye glasses in paper 3D form to view Norma’s fashion film on a giant screen inside the David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center. Those in attendance will also view what Kamali hopes will be the future of online shopping: innovative 3D Shopping Pages with video clips of individual looks in motion and up-close to highlight textures and real design details. While we’ll be checking back in with Norma post-show, you can view a teaser for the event below:

Norma Kamali

(via PSFK)

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